Our Professional Services Explained 

In today's exterior cleaning and restoration industry, a lot of things have been revolutionized to efficiently and safely provide the customer professional results that will last. Here we have included some details on our many different services provided.

Pressure Washing 

We use high water pressure from our commercial grade equipment to clean and remove grime and debris. In most cases we do not use pressure alone to clean, that way potential damage is avoided to softer and older materials around the home 

Soft Washing 

Here we utilize an industry standard chemical and detergent solution to eliminate Organic growth at the source, such as mold, mildew, and algae. This solution is applied through a low pressure application followed by a high volume rinse.

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is used on most flat and hard surfaces which can include concrete, pavers, natural stone, and other hard flat surfaces. We apply a similar solution as soft washing to the area and allow that to dwell in order to loosen up surface organics. We then follow up with a high water pressure rotary machine that spins at a high rate of speed. This machine has two jet tips to clean in an even path as you move along the surface.

Wood Cleaning / Restoration 

Many People are unaware that a fence or deck can be "ReNewed". In most cases they can be cleaned and restored whether they are grey and weathered or have a failing stain needing to be removed. We have several processes we provide depending on the situation. Usually a two part process, consisting of a clean and brighten or a strip and brighten. This service will have your wood deck / fence in the best shape possible for a restain or seal. However we do not offer staining at the moment.

Gutter Cleaning

As simple as gutter cleaning may sound, there are many dangers and small nuances associated with this service in order to provide a thorough cleaning. Such as tall ladder work over 24ft high, steep unwalkable roofs, and clogged downspouts at the top of a two story gutter system. This is why we are equipped with professional safety equipment and have saftey procedures in place. We Begin this service by hand picking all large debris and emptying into buckets which then end up in disposable bags. Once all large debris are removed we will flush out the system with water, following inspection and removal of the  downspout elbows until clogs are fully removed.

Seasonal Christmas Lights 

We love this time of year. Seeing the end results of an install, light up the customers face just as bright as the house is truly gratifying. In order to get these amazing results we use all commercial grade equipment. C9 hard shell L.E.D bulbs which last longer and shine brighter than big box store material. Custom cut 12" spacing socket cord for design versatility. Seamless hidden jumper lines for smooth transitions between roof lines and ridges. Photocell timers for easy use and operation. Commercial grade clips and hangers for sturdy installs which last and hold much longer then consumer garde. And lastly we provide clean installs around windows and arches using commercial grade glue that can be safely removed at time of takedown.

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